still photography

time spent

      This project was inspired by a conversation with Kouniri, the artisan blacksmith featured in the series. Starting at the age of ten, after school he would go to a make-shift forge in the old part of town to learn how to shape steel. Forty-three years later, he is still working in that same small room, now surrounded by decades of metal shavings and scraps.
      I became very interested in people who have chosen, or have through circumstance, spent a significant portion of their lives in one place, doing one thing. Naturally, over time their environments have become a telling reflection of who they are. These photographs are an exploration of the countless hours spent in each space before and after these frames.
      Everyone in this series lives and works in Marrakech, Morocco.
Gallery Exhibition, Los Angeles 2017

rostro a rostro

      This project evolved naturally for me during my first three weeks living in Medellín, Colombia. I found my camera repeatedly pointing at the older men I was meeting on the street, and almost nothing else. No landscapes, no buildings, no details around the city- I just didn’t seem to be interested.
      Having just gone through a divorce, I was seeing my future through new eyes, and thinking a lot about what kind of man I might now become. I began to comparatively look at the lives of others around me, and I found my lens more and more interested in the wrinkles, worn skin, and lived eyes of the men I was meeting. I wanted to capture a basic humanity that we both shared, and see how that humanity has been shaped by their lives. My goal was to tell the story of who these men have become in one honest frame.
      I wanted to capture men who wanted to be shown- who wanted their stories to be shared. I met the majority of them while walking on the street and stopping to chat. In total, I photographed eighty-four men, and have chosen twenty to make up the Rostro a Rostro series. All the men in this collection were photographed over a four-month period throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.


      I was starting to drift off one afternoon, when I noticed my reflection on the screen of my laptop. The slightly distorted, backlit, and desaturated image caught my attention- I felt like I was looking at a different version of myself. For this series, I wanted to recreate that darkness in others. I shot several models reflected through a screen to mirror various facets of myself that I tend to conceal.

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